Congratulations, you’ve made the decision to start your own business. The days of punching in and out are dragging you down, and the opportunity for you to go at it on your own has come. You’ve heard commercial real estate can generate revenue from the start, but you’re curious – is a commercial real estate career actually an entrepreneurial venture?

The answer to that question is a resounding “Yes!” And here are a few ways a commercial real estate career fills that entrepreneurial spirit:


  1. You Remain In Charge

Bid farewell to the handcuffs of Corporate America or some board room out there, you now have complete control of your time and money as well as your success or failure. If there’s a deal available, it’s your choice how hard you work to get it. If values go down, you can determine how you respond with your listings. If things get competitive, you determine how you advertise to set yourself apart. Commercial real estate is your oyster, and you become the person to go out there and conquer it.


  1. You Like A Little Risk

The beauty of a career in commercial real estate is the risk and reward opportunities each listing provides. You have some risk into the length and price it may require to rent or sell the property, but when it does, you begin to reap the financial rewards tremendously. This type of risk is finely calculated and quickly rewarded.


  1. You Don’t Have a Boss

Although you’ll need to work with a broker to finalize your deals, typically that doesn’t come with a boss/employee type of relationship. Of course, they are invested in your success, (a percentage of your closing commissions will go to your broker) but they aren’t going to be counting your sales calls or monitoring the hours you work.


  1. You’re Resourceful

Commercial realtors wear many hats – from negotiating contracts to finding and meeting the needs of new buyers and sellers, you must be someone who can look at all available options to make a deal that ends at the closing table with a check in your hands. Maybe you need to negotiate terms to help both sides come to an agreement; perhaps a contingency needs to be removed, whatever the case may be, you need to be someone who knows how to work through issues and find solutions so you can move on to the next available opportunity.


  1. You’re Sales-Focused

At the end of the day, commercial real estate is all about buying and selling, so if that’s not something you are comfortable with, all the other entrepreneurial qualities you may possess simply won’t matter.


In today’s hot real estate market, becoming a commercial realtor is an exciting and profitable community to be a part of, with many opportunities just waiting for someone to come in to seize. If you capitalize on your entrepreneurial skills now, your success can begin almost immediately.