The location of your business and its office space design impacts how you and your employees feel, reason, and work. It also affects people who visit your business, such as clients and job candidates. If your workplace does not inspire confidence in potential employees, they will not be ready to take your job offers. However, if your office space provides an ideal work environment that your potential workers need, it is easier to win them. Liaise with a reputable real estate broker and identify a strategically located building for setting up your business.


Ideas for making your office space more attractive

A study by The Hassell Studios established that physical amenities influence the decision of job seekers, particularly when they are choosing between several job offers. These amenities include in-house gyms, child care services, and ample parking. Therefore, you should consider converting that old, unnecessary boardroom into something that offers value to both your current and prospective workers.



Accessibility and parking

If you are starting out or expanding the operations of your business, accessibility is arguably one of the most valuable decisions you will need to make. Conduct intensive research and find out how accessible your business is to everyone – clients, workers, and suppliers. If you are operating a business located on a busy street, your parking lot should allow smooth entry and exit of cars. Work in close cooperation with a local commercial real estate broker to simplify the process of identifying an ideal business facility.



Focus on improving flexibility of your space

Job seekers love workplaces that offer a broad range of choices. The report released by Genslerindicates that companies that allow their workers to select where they work are more inventive and have well-performing employees. In addition, the General Services Administration has established that flexible workplaces assist firms in hiring and retaining an excellent workforce. If you are aiming at cultivating a creative and exciting environment, use colorful community tables instead of individual desks. A real estate development expert can help you in implementing your office plan.


Incorporate an outdoor workspace

Fresh air is highly valuable for you and your employees. Encouraging your staff to embark on a 10-minute walk outdoors on a daily basis can assist them to clear their mind and be active for the entire day. Providing a comfortable outdoor workspace can promote productivity. With the help of a premier West Michigan commercial property broker, you should look for a facility with extra space for setting up an outdoor workspace.

Gensler discovered that only 25 percent of U.S. employees are in their desired work environments. Therefore, if you focus on making even minor adjustments, you can compete more efficiently for the 75 percent of employees who are not content with their current workplaces. Design your office according to the current trends in the real estate development world.