There are certain perks you can offer to fill up your commercial real estate developments. Of course, a good price per square foot is imperative, and flexible lease terms are appealing, but beyond that, what amenities will bring tenants to your buildings and keep them there?



Fiber Optic Internet


People do everything online. During an average work day they not only email and do research but they also connect to coworkers, sometimes across the globe, host meetings, stream videos and download images and large files. To be as productive as possible, they need good internet. No, they need GREAT internet. Fiber-optic Internet offers a huge advantage over regular high-speed broadband with increased consistency and higher speeds and bandwidth. Research shows that “a fiber connection adds an average of 3.1 percent to a property’s value, but valuations are increased by an additional 1.8 percent when comparing areas with connectivity speeds of 100Mb/s with those that support 1Gb/s or more.”



Go Green


Adding environmentally friendly improvements to a building can not only make it more appealing to the socially responsible crowd but also save you money. Energy saving solutions like energy-efficient window treatments, LED light bulbs, and HVAC improvements can lower many utility bills but may also make you eligible for certain tax credits and discounts.



Foster Community


Being stuck in an office all day can be exhausting and not just because of the work. Breathing stale air, no breeze, artificial lighting, it can all take its toll. No matter what the designer has done to make the space more appealing and inviting, nothing beats a change of scenery. Spaces that allow for socialization, areas to take breaks, and maybe even get some sun, can help those working in your building find refreshment in the middle of a busy day. Whether it’s a set of couches and desks in a lobby, or a patio area with picnic tables, spaces like these can offer a much-needed retreat from busy work days.





No one should be worried about making it to their car safely if they leave the office after dark. Offering easy, on-site parking can help your building stand out, but in many urban areas, it’s simply impossible to offer. If this is the case, building relationships with local parking vendors and offering shuttle service to and from parking areas can make your space more appealing.


Concierge Services


People often don’t have time to do all the things they need to get done in a day. A Concierge Service can help do all those things, right from the office. From making reservations to ordering birthday cakes, a concierge can do the little things that take so much time and effort, taking care of home-related tasks before tenants even leave the office can allow them to spend more time with their families when they do get home.



Retail Locations


Mixed-Use buildings are on the rise. Often, a building may house not only offices but also a gym, a coffee shop, a small grocery store or even a bar. When every need is right at their fingertips, employees won’t have to leave the site to get what they need at lunch or on breaks which is especially appealing if there is a tricky parking situation. And, offering after work socializations opportunities can foster community and keep spending within the same building.


These are just a few of the way that a commercial real estate development can bring in tenants and guarantee that they will be happy during their stay. Some other appealing features include:
• Flexible commercial leases if economic situations change
• Local property management if there is a problem that needs to be dealt with right away
• Tenant satisfaction surveys so they know you care
• An appealing exterior
• Increased security